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Jo Malone Nashi Blossom Cologne 100ml

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom Cologne 100ml

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Jo Malone's Nashi Blossom fragrance is a captivating olfactory journey that transports you to a tranquil Japanese orchard in full bloom. The delicate and ethereal scent of Nashi pear blossoms takes center stage, opening with a burst of fresh, juicy sweetness that is both crisp and invigorating. As the fragrance evolves, hints of apple blossom and white musk emerge, adding layers of sophistication and a subtle, lingering sensuality. The overall effect is a harmonious blend that captures the essence of springtime in its purest form. Nashi Blossom is a fragrance that effortlessly balances the vibrancy of nature with the refined simplicity that is characteristic of Jo Malone's signature style. It is a fragrance that invites you to embrace the beauty of fleeting moments and celebrate the ephemeral nature of blooming blossoms.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Nashi Pear Blossoms
  • Apple Blossom
  • White Musk
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