Product Overview



We sell Designer Inspired Fragrances imported from Dubai & Belgium.


Our fragrances are "inspired" by the original fragrances and are proper alcohol based perfumes, and not water or oil based.


We sell them with the understanding that they are not to be compared to the same perfume you would buy in your local store. They are in similar packaging as the original product that you know and love, but at times the concentrate or smell may differ slightly due to different manufacturing outlets and alcohol bases used. For the same reason it is also hard to say how long the smell will last as at times you might need to spritz more regularly than with the original products.


Sometimes the assumption is made that these are "rejects" of the original, however, please note that the perfumes are replica's and not original rejects, as factory rejects are not available on the market.


To sum up, they are replica’s of your favorite fragrances, making it more affordable for everyday use and ideal as gifts or presents.





These products are not to be compared to the products you will find in store and should be bought at ones’ own discretion.

No guarantees are offered on any of the perfumes.

Due to the nature of our product, we regret NO Returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

These goods will not be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer or its licensed supplier.

In certain cases, small defects may be present (damage to boxes or loose/broken caps or small scratches, small amounts of leaking), but in most cases they are 100% perfect. We do not refund on these small defects.

On the rare occasion there might be a slight difference in the size of the bottles. This will not affect the pricing of the fragrances.

Note that you are purchasing the fragrances at discounted prices and have knowledge of what the fragrances are all about.