Product Overview

Discover Designer Fragrances at Unbeatable Factory Prices

Indulge in our collection of Designer Inspired Fragrances, sourced directly from Dubai & Belgium.

Crafted with care, our fragrances are meticulously formulated with alcohol bases, ensuring a premium scent experience unlike water or oil-based alternatives.

While our fragrances mirror the essence of your favorite scents, please understand they are not identical to those found in local stores. Variations in concentration and aroma may occur due to diverse manufacturing processes and alcohol bases utilized. Consequently, the longevity of the scent may also vary, necessitating occasional reapplication.

It's essential to clarify that our fragrances are replicas, not original rejects. Factory rejects are not accessible on the market.

In essence, our offerings provide affordable alternatives to beloved fragrances, perfect for everyday wear or thoughtful gifting.


Please be aware that our products differ from those available in retail stores, and purchase discretion is advised.

We do not provide guarantees on any of our perfumes.

Due to the unique nature of our products, we regret that we cannot accept returns, refunds, or exchanges.

These goods are not covered by manufacturer warranties or those of licensed suppliers.

While minor imperfections such as box damage, loose caps, or slight leakage may occur, the majority of our products are in pristine condition. Refunds are not issued for these minor defects.

Occasionally, bottle sizes may slightly vary, but this does not affect fragrance pricing.

By purchasing our fragrances at discounted rates, you acknowledge and understand the product's characteristics.